About us

Trinity United Reformed Church is a constituent part of the United Reformed Church in the United Kingdom and is governed by the general procedures of that Church as set out in the Scheme of Union and any subsequent amendments and additions.

However under this scheme of union each church is free to organise the church’s life according to the specific witness required in the area in which it is placed. The ‘church meeting’ has an overall responsibility and is the setting for a final decision on all important matters.

The church building in Torr Lane, called ‘Trinity URC ’, is the meeting place and worship centre for people who recognise and revere the love of God for all through the life and witness of Jesus Christ.

The minister is called by the church, commissioned to conduct public worship, to preach the Word and to administer the Sacraments, to exercise pastoral care and oversight, and to give leadership to the church in its mission to the world.  Our minister is Rev. Henriette Wentink.  She is supported by a group of elders, called by the church meeting who share in the spiritual and pastoral oversight.

In following in His way, and en-powered by the Holy spirit, we are all called to promote God’s Kingdom on earth, where love for God, ones neighbour and one’s self guides how we live our lives.  Jesus challenges all to think carefully about our planet, being kind towards others and helpful to those in need.

Everyone is precious in God’s sight.

Often we fall short, and there will be many times when we falter, but we believe in a God of compassion who understands our weaknesses and is willing to forgive and forget, so we can start afresh.

We recognise we have a lot for which to be grateful, and we meet regularly to praise God, to hear His Word, to pray for guidance, and to encourage one another in our continuing life of learning.