Zoom Worship 25th October 2020

Zoom Worship 25th October led by Rev. Robert Jennings

Order of Service

Call to worship … … … … … …            For those who have not been welcomed before,
Song – How can I keep from singing     You are welcomed by Christ here.
Prayers                                                   For those who have been turned away,
Lord’s Prayer                                          Christ is opening the door for you.
Hymn : God is love, his the care            For those who have been forgotten,
Reading ; Matthew 22 : 34 – 46            God cannot forget you, for God made you.
Sermon for Bible Sunday                      Come, join together in worship of our God.
Prayers of intersession                         You are God’s beloved.
The offering                                           We welcome each other in the name of Christ.
Hymn : All I one held dear MP 799       Amen.
The Blessing
And now go forth, to love God with all your heart, your mind, your soul: with passion, with prayer, with intelligence; to love your neighbour: with forgiveness, with service, with love; and to love yourself: with hope, with joy, with peace.
The blessing of God the father, son and holy spirit be with us and remain with us always. Amen.


Rejoice & Sing 274                            Mission Praise 799

God is love, his the care                    All I once held dear, built my life upon,
tending each, everywhere.                all this world reveres, and wars to own,
God is love-all is there!                      all I once thought gain I have counted loss;
Jesus came to show him,                  spent and worthless now, compared to this:
that we all might know him:.

.                                                          Knowing You, Jesus, knowing You,
Sing aloud, loud, loud,                       there is no greater thing.
Sing aloud, loud, loud,                       You’re my all, You’re the best,
God is good,                                      You’re my joy, my righteousness,
God is truth,                                       and I love You, Lord.
God is beauty.. praise him!. 

.                                                         Now my heart’s desire is to know You more,
Jesus came, lived and died               to be found in You and known as Yours,
for our sake, crucified,                       to possess by faith what I could not earn,
rose again, glorified:                          all-surpassing gift of righteousness.
he was born to save us                      Knowing You . . .
by the truth he gave us:
Sing aloud, loud, loud,…                    Oh, to know the power of Your risen life,
.                                                           and to know You in Your sufferings,
None can see God above;                  to become like You in Your death, my Lord,
Jesus shows how to love;                   so with You to live and never die.
thus may we Godward move,             Knowing You . . .
joined as sisters, brothers,
finding him in others:
Sing aloud, loud, loud,…

To our Lord praise we sing
light and life, friend and King
coming down love to bring,
pattern for our duty,
showing God in beauty:
Sing aloud, loud, loud,…