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The story so far :

We have undertook a feasibility study

with the help of John Marsh of MEB Design Ltd

and Roland Gilbert of New Way UK


The results of the feasibility study were presented to the

assembled Church on Sunday10th April 2016

The Vision we have can be viewed here

The plans, internal and external views

can be seen here with an audio commentary.

Following a Special Church Meeting on Sunday 8th May 2016

A funding feasibility exercise began.

The Church Meeting on 30th October 2016

accepted the report of the Finance Funding Group 

and confirmed that we should ‘proceed to the next step’.

In April 2017 an advisory pre -planning application process was submitted to the

Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Department of Plymouth City Council

from which we received a favorable response. 

At an Extraordinary Church Meeting on 28th May 2017

the following statement was carried.

We the congregation of Trinity URC wish to proceed with an application for planning permission of the Big Build Project, after an advisory pre -planning application process by the Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Department of Plymouth City Council.

As a result our architect John Marsh MEB Design Ltd (chartered architects) was instructed to make the application on behalf, and in consultation with, the Big Build Group, on behalf of the church meeting.

A ‘Design and Access Statement’ was produced, in which the purpose of the Big build Project was declared – in which in brief is as follows:

Understanding that at  present  the accommodation and its facilities, does not meet its requirements for church life, as it seeks to play an even more active  role in,  with and for the community;  a more welcoming entrance and social area (concourse) with hospitality space, where everyone who uses the building can meet was sought.

The proposed development involves rebuilding the central single storey area between the worship area and the hall, intending   that the new addition sits comfortably in the space between the worship area and the hall while providing an attractive, and accessible for all, entrance.

The Planning Application for the above was presented to

The Plymouth City Council Planning Office in July 2017

Planning permission has now been given


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